About Us

The Mombasa Catholic CBHC Services was founded in 1996 by the late missionary Bro. John Mullen of the Mary-knoll Fathers and Brothers. The programme began operating as an exclusive community based health care program, targeting the HIV infected and affected, poor, elderly and orphans in the informal settlements of Mombasa. The programme has moved from a HIV/AIDS prevention and management confined background, to a more integrated healthcare provision approach. This has resulted in increase in number of clients seeking healthcare services , thus CBHC decentralized by opening Mbungoni and Chaani clinics.

Mombasa Catholic CBHC services is a is a non – profit making faith based programme under the Catholic Archdiocese of Mombasa under the leadership of sisters of St Joseph of Mombasa.



To be the preferred modern quality health care provider addressing the needs of the community with care, compassion and skills as inspired by Christian teachings and values.


We are commitment to offering affordable, accessible and sustainable quality health care services to the community with respect to sacredness of all aspects of life.

In pursuit of this mission, we will be guided by the following principles:

1.Integrity              2.Commitment

3. Excellence         4.Confidentiality

5.Stewardship        6.Transparency and accountability

7.Professionalism   8.Professionalism

9.Partnership          10.Compassion / empathy

11.Teamwork           12.Respect for human dignity and sanctity of life


  • To increase antenatal and postnatal services as well as care for children under five years.
  • To contribute to the national agenda of reducing MCH related deaths and HIV/AIDS prevalence and infection rates.
  • To provide appropriate and quality care, treatment and support to our patients and prevent ill health.
  • To eradicate transmission of HIV infection to newborn babies through prevention and treatment interventions (EMTCT).
  • To mobilize and empower the community to serve their sick, especially those infected and affected with HIV/AIDS, through visits and care in their homes, regardless of creed, ethnicity, nationality or gender
  • To provide appropriate Antiretroviral Therapy to People Living with HIV
  • To teach on God’s Love and His power of forgiveness and mercy.

Our organization has highly trained staff in their areas of specialization who are dedicated towards imparting high quality services to our clients.

We are committed to providing high quality care services to our clients as indicated in our services section. With the level of our professionalism we ensure that all our clients receive the best possible services from our clinic.

We have positive and measurable progress and success since the project began that we have achieved due to our commitment to our services and also due to adhering to our mission, vision, and sticking to our core values that govern our day to day services.


Our motto “serving God through health care”