Listed below are our major achievements.

Decentralization of Services
We have been able to incorporate our services into a one stop shop for all our major services. E.g.
MCH – Our pregnant mothers can now access care from within.
Our TB patients can now access TB care and treatment in our facility.
A functional board of governance , health management committee, CQI committee, MTC and a mortality committee hence scoring position two in governance and leadership category by A/R.
Awarded a trophy after managing to scoop position one in finance and compliance.
We now have high-tech machines in our laboratories thus we are now able to get more clients coming for care in our clinic. We have also expanded our lab and thus we are able to offer much more LAB related services.
We are now offering Out-patient services in our clinic and thus we are able to serve more clients in our comprehensive care clinic. For more please refer to the Outpatient Services page.
Establishing two other Clinics namely Chaani and Mbungoni to decongest the main clinic.
We have never run out of drugs in our pharmacy due to timely procurement of drugs for our clinic.
We have enhanced our collaboration with other health services including the government thus we have obtained training of our staff to obtain and be able to offer better quality services e.g. Better nutrition services .
We have been able to maintain our donors who support our project.
We are now offering ANC Maternity and Postnatal services.
We have the latest IQ Care system that facilitates proper and timely entry of data and data dissemination thus enhancing our quality of data and reliability.
Introduction of PMTCT Services. This ensures that all children that are born of HIV positive mothers turn out to be HIV negative in order to reduce the cases of HIV in our country.
All our three major satellites namely Mikindani, Chaani and Mbungoni now has an IQCare system for managing and monitoring our clients. This has made data analysis and reporting timely and efficient.
An M-Pesa is available at Mikindani Clinic and even clients can pay through our M-Pesa for our services.

Very soon, Mbungoni clinic will be offering maternity services.