Chaani satellite is a clinic started by CBHC Mombasa to decongest the CBHC mikindani main clinic. The clinic is located in kilindini   district, changamwe location off Mombasa airport road .
The clients have grown from less than one hundred to about four hundred giving a big challenge in terms of space and infection control. The clients have been decongested from the main clinic with a good number being newly enrolled at the satellite.The clinic has been successful in improving the infection control. Initially the clinic was in the same building with st. Tresa primary school the clients waited to be served inside the rooms which have the clinician and nurses as well as the community staff.Currently the clinic has moved to a compound of its own where the waiting bay is outside  triage room, consultation room, pharmacy and modern laboratory and each room having good ventilation .The clinic has running water and green trees and good  natural air flow.
Services offered in chaani

  • Home visits
  • ART for qualified clients
  • Treatment of Opportunistic Infections
  • Referral Services
  • VCT now called HCT
  • Support Groups Awareness Campaigns
  • Income Generating Activities
  • Food by Prescription
  • Counseling Services
  • LAB Services