Home based care

Home Based Care

Our staffs are accompanied by trained community health volunteers to visit clients at homes to offer a variety of activities such as nursing care, adherence counseling physical, psychosocial and spiritual care. They also   train   family carers on how best to safely perform day-to-day tasks such as bathing, lifting and bandaging the patient.this reduces the cost of caring for patients away from the family and alos it helps to holds the families together with the objective of caring for the patient and to accept the patient’s condition thus making it easier for care and support.

Our community model has helped in raising awareness about HIV/AIDS, reduces stigma and thus prevent spread of HIV and gets rid of myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS and thus help communities to understand HIV/AIDS

With the help of community nurses, counselors, and social workers have been able to reach patients/clients living with HIV in their homes and also non HIV poor patients have been able to access health care program rendering services to the poor population living in non-formal settlement and those in need of HIV care.

Home Based Care2

Advantages of home based care

  • Provision of emotional support and counseling to our clients.
  • Medications and health related support. Clients are accorded information on how to accurately adhere to drugs and to report any side effect.
  • Close monitoring of our clients health status and providing them with the necessary support.
  • Provision of information and awareness on HIV/AIDS that can help to dispel the myths and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS.
  • Home care workers are also trained to provide with instrumental activities of daily living e.g. housekeeping tasks, nutrition and meals preparations etc through community health workers.