After introduction of PMTCT almost all children born of HIV positive mothers have tested negative (98% of the children born of HIV+ mothers turn negative). This shows that with PMTCT we can reduce the cases of HIV in the country.

According to our clinic enrolment around 66% of patients started ARV drugs are female. The trend has been gradually increasing and the following are some of contributing factors:

  • The more the mother becomes stable on ART especially between 20-35 years, the more the need to have children hence some who are widowed gets remarried and hence conceives.
  • Some learn PMTCT awareness. Some of the mothers are ready to conceive because they have seen others have HIV negative children (We do DBS at 6 weeks) and repeat antibody tests at 12 months/18 months of age.
  • Most of young widows/widowers get remarried after they become stable hence either of partners wants to have children.
We have been doing an average of 7 PCR tests per month. Only about 4% of the tests emerge as positive while the rest are negative. This indicates that we have a high success rate of PMTCT intervention.