Mikindani family health clinic provides efficient and sustainable health care services to its clients in according to the vision 2030 millennium development goals in improving the client’s health. The clinic offers both maternal and child health services.



The maternal health services offered include antenatal care given to expectant mothers .The care involves:

  • Assessing general physical condition of the mother
  • Assessing complication of pregnancy  and managing appropriately
  • Advising on infant feeding.
  • Offering prevention of services HIV transmission from mother to child
  • Antenatal profiling:-
  • Monitoring the weight
  • Tuberculosis screening
  • Urine analysis
  • Hemoglobin levels check up
  • Blood group and rhesus determination
  • Syphilis screening
  • Offering preventive services:-
    • Tetanus toxoid injection
    • Malarial prophylaxis
    • Iron and folate tabs
    • Deworming
    • Giving insecticide treated nets


    Educating expectant mothers

    • dangers signs  of pregnancy
    • importance of light exercises
    • importance of eating balanced diet
    • importance of adequate rest
    • importance of birth plan

    The child health services include

    • Giving immunization to all children below 5 years in compliance with the division of vaccines and immunization schedule.
    • Growth monitoring to all children which includes:-
      • Weight monitoring
      • Length and height monitoring
      • Mid upper arm circumference monitoring
      • Body mass index evaluations
    • Assessing malnutrion and giving nutritional counseling accordingly.
    • Referring malnutrition cases that need medical attention
    • Deworming all children one year and above
    • Assessing developmental milestones
    • Identification of early eye infant problems and managing or referring appropriately
    • Assessing children’s dental formulas for any abnormalities