Education Support (Psycho-social support)

Education is power, while getting educated is total empowerment. This empowerment acts as power and steering wheel in clients which enable them to make informed decisions pertaining their health, more so in treatment and adherence to drugs for the HIV positive clients.
We are able to achieve this by gathering our clients in support groups which are of different categories.
Factors considered

Age group – According to this factor, we are able to classify the young children, adolescents, teenagers and put them in different groups for health education.
Marital status – Those clients who are married and positive are classified together as couples and given similar education, as are widows and singles.
Occupation – People doing similar work for earning a living are grouped together e.g. Brewers.

Clients are divided into the different groups in order to educate them effectively on the same challenges that they are undergoing.

According to different groups, we are able to access and identify their needs to help give health talks accordingly.

We have several support groups which meet monthly for education. Such groups include:

Kids club – Support groups for the very young clients in our facility.

Teenagers – Support groups for the clients aged between 13 years old to 19 years old.

Youth – Support groups for the unmarried young people.

Professionals – Support groups for those who have some form of formal income generating professions.

Discordant couples – Support groups for those who one of the couple is HIV Negative.

Guardians – Support groups for those who take care of the clients e.g. Parents

Single/widowed – Support groups for those who are deceased by their marriage partner.

Alcoholics – Support groups for those who use alcohol

Couple – Support groups for those who are living together in marriage or in an intimate relationship

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) – Support group for those who are pregnant and are HIV Positive.

Each and every group has their own income generating project and SILC- Savings Internal Lending Cooperative. In each group they do select chairman, secretary and treasurer.

We also have satellite support groups whereby they always meet weekly, mostly on Friday

This group is involved in various activities like:-

Continuous health education on drug adherence

SILC activities


Groups of client from different facilities have the same goal and objective.

Formation of kids club

Kids club was formed due to the realization that one major challenge facing children is disclosure. It was formed for the purpose of health education on HIV and gathering together for mutual play, fun and support. The date of clinic appointments is set so that it is the same day as the kids club. The children together with their guardians are gathered and taught on the importance of forming a group for children to enhance continuous health education for both the children and guardians.

Children below 18 years are gathered. Those who undergo frequent adherence counseling and disclosure are separated from the others and thus there has been the formation of a Teens club (between 12 – 18 years). This comprises those who are aware of their HIV status. Those above 18 years form yet another youth support group.

Issues of Importance for Children and Adolescents


Adherence counseling

Adolescence counseling

Prevention of infection

Reproductive Health education

The percentage of pediatrics and adolescence who know their HIV status as of now is 88%.