Success stories

Mombasa Community Based Health Care started back in the year 1996 in Bomu parish by the Maryknoll fathers with the aim of helping the poor who cannot afford the basic health care, the HIV infected and affected. The main goal was to reach the community, provide services and bring hope and life to them and we have been able to reach our goals with a good degree of success as shown below. Service Expansion success stories

Our success story is basically based on Men support group which was started in year 2010 (July).  It was formed by a former clinician (Lughanje Mr.) in consultation with other staff members because they saw the need of forming such grateful support group to assist the men to cope with their status in the clinic and the community.
Before it was initiated there were some challenges which were faced by staff members in Mbungoni clinic such as:-

  1. Poor clinic attendance majority were below 95%
  2. Poor adherence to some men
  3. Alcoholism/smoking

The group has greatly improved in: –

  1. Stigma reduction
  2. Alcoholism reduction
  3. They are engaged in income generating activities.
  4. Improvement in disclosure
  5. Clinic turn ups improved due to their support group
  6. The number of members has grown to 28 from 8 members.

We have also been able to expand our other services as shown in the services section in the main site.
Clients Success stories
Names have been changed to protect clients’ privacy.